Wheelchair Tennis Athlete

The Journey

On the road to Paris 2024

My journey to become a Paralympian wheelchair tennis player has been long, hard, and expensive but incredibly transformative and life-changing. My life has changed irrevocably and for the better with the experiences I’ve had, the places I’ve travelled to, and the people I’ve been privileged to meet.

As I compete on the world tour, I work very hard to earn ranking points by winning rounds in tournament draws the same way as ATP or WTA.

These points are converted into rank and will ultimately decide my qualification on the 24th May 2024. The criteria below will explain it fully but in short, I must achieve a rank of 32 or greater.


Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.


Direct acceptance for top 32 Male Tennis Players on the ITF World Tour.

Qualifyting Criteria

Counting the ranking points from the nine best events from April 2023 - May 2024.


24th May 2024.



I am very gratefully supported by Tennis Ireland on the Team Ireland programme which gives me a structure to work within. I also am very supported in my full-time job in Irish Wheelchair Association which makes it possible to still attend events while getting work done.

The costs of reaching Paralympic qualification come down to travelling to events, performing, and earning points. This makes this enterprise a high-pressure situation, so the quantity of events is key.

I am looking for individuals, organisations, or companies to help me reach my goal. Paralympic sport is the biggest stage to perform on and this would be an amazing opportunity to be a part of as I compete to make Irish history.